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Playstation Plus Membership 12 Months UK

Take your place in the current gaming generation’s biggest online community, discover the best multiplayer experiences and get loads of great perks, like two new PS4 games to play every month.

Current price per month: £ 4.17
Buy PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership to benefit from full games every month. Order now for PlayStation Plus Membership. Download the PSN Voucher and get PSN Plus voucher for a Year.
24 PS4 games a year – Download two full games every month.
Exclusive discounts – As a member you save more than anyone else on games and DLC on PlayStation Store.
10GB cloud storage – Store your PS4 game saves online and carry on playing any time, on any PS4.
Share the fun – Invite friends to join your games even if they don’t own them with Share Play.


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