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Cougar Chair Armor S


Cougar Chair Armor S
Product Code: 3MGC2XB.001
Brand: Cougar

COUGAR Armor S Overview
The Armor S Gaming Chair from Cougar is a sturdy, comfortable, and adjustable chair designed for gamers. It features height adjustments, a 180° recline, adjustable tilt resistance, and customizable arm rests. Moreover, its full steel frame is durable and provides your body with strong support. Once its set up, the Armor S can support up to 264.55 pounds. Included with the Armor S are head and lumbar pillows for additional comfort.

High Back Design
The high back design is created to comfortably support your body and minimize tension on your back. The Armor S also uses thick, breathable PVC leather and high-density foam for comfort, with a diamond check pattern for added aesthetic.
Head & Lumbar Pillows
For additional comfort, the Armor comes with head and lumbar pillows to fit your preferred sitting position.
Piston Lift Height Adjustment
The Armor is equipped with a class 4 gas lift cylinder for safe, reliable, and smooth operation.
180° Recline
The Armor can recline up to 180 degrees, so you can actually lie down should you need a break.
Adjustable Tilt Resistance
Use the knob under the chair to change the tilt resistance to fit your preference.
3D Adjustable Arm Rest
The arm rests on the Armor can be adjusted in four different ways. You can slide them backwards or forwards, shift them left or right, adjust their height, as well as angle them left or right.
Full Steel Frame
The full steel frame provides the Armor with long term durability as well as strong support for your body.


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