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Cougar Chair Armor Pro Black


Cougar Chair Armor Pro Black

A gaming chair that promotes a healthy posture is essential for your gaming setup. The Cougar ARMOR PRO is smartly designed to avoid any back pain. The key parameter is the rocking mechanism. It is a solution that gives the backrest the right amount of stiffness you need for comfort. The construction of this Cougar gaming chair is Revolving. The adjustable armrests are made to give your hands and arms the right support on the mouse and keyboard. A headrest is very desirable in gaming chairs and with this model, you can be sure that even your neck and head will be positioned properly. To prevent back pain, the chair features also has an adjustable height that allows for a healthier sitting position. The Cougar ARMOR PRO can have its height adjusted, which is an ideal feature if you know you’ll be sitting down for a long time. This model features Metal material on the base of its legs.

Cougar ARMOR PRO Gaming Chair Key Features
Cougar gaming chair has Black and brown colour scheme with a fresh design
Comfortable to secure with rocking mechanism
Adjustable armrests
The headrest provides support for the entire back, including the cervical spine
Cougar gaming chair features a maximum load capacity is 120kg
The built-in lumbar support follows the natural curve of the back
Upholstery: Synthetic leather
Customisation: Adjustable seat height
Cougar ARMOR PRO Metal
Pleasant Material of the Cougar ARMOR PRO Gaming Chair
The Cougar ARMOR PRO will provide you with ultimate comfort while gaming at a PC. The synthetic leather cover of the Cougar ARMOR PRO has a very upmarket appearance and is pleasant to the touch.


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