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Hitman 1 Steelbook Edition PS4 Used Game


  • The Ultimate Hitman Experience: Become a professional assassin and complete contracts through espionage, infiltration & disguise
  • Enter an Assassin’s Sandbox: Dynamic, living sandbox style missions keep the action fresh and unique; Contracts expand with time-exclusive contracts and community competitions
  • Contracts 2.0: Bigger, richer, deeper Put a hit on a target and challenge your friends in an asynchronous competition to become the best in this expanded mode.Best Price in Pakistan

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Welcome to the World of Assassination. Become the ultimate professional assassin in HITMAN. As Agent 47, an agent of the International Contract Agency, you perform contract hits on high profile targets alongside your long-time handler Diana Burn wood. You kill for money and you do not fail. No one is safe. When Agent 47 takes out the leader of an enigmatic spy ring in Paris, it sparks a chain of events that will not only shift the balance of global power but also take the world’s top assassin on a journey into his forgotten past. HITMAN offers players the chance to visit a wide range of world locations, from fashionable Paris to the sunny coast of Italy and the hustle of the markets in Marrakesh. Freely explore the dynamic, checkpoint-free environments and watch as your actions affect everyone around you. This is your playground. The world of HITMAN will constantly challenge you. Whether it’s from the hundreds of in-mission challenges or from the expansive community created contracts, you will never run out of things to do. Become the best. Eliminate the worst.


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